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Akrapovic Exhausts

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Mon - Fri:9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday:9:00am - 3:00pm


Iain Litchfield - Director

Starting his business whilst still at school with nothing more than a dream of working with sports cars, he regularly has to pinch himself when he thinks about what has been achieved.   With the support and understanding of his family and, in particular, his wife Jenny, Iain and his team have gone on to create one of the most recognised brands in the performance aftermarket.

With a passion for all things automotive and an encyclopaedic memory of the industry, he has the ability to bore even the most die-hard of car enthusiasts with facts and figures. Driven by the latest engineering developments and the simple thrill of driving, Iain has built this family business on great customer service and the creation one of the very best teams of experts anywhere in the world.

Along with his close net members of staff, great facilities and massive list of industry contacts, Litchfield is able to produce some of the most exciting cars available

Addicted to driving on track Iain will surely find his way into a race series where he can prove just how mediocre his talents are.

Favourite cars: Nissan GTR, BMW M3 and Ford GT (but only when he’s not banging his head on worlds stupidest designed door/roof!)

Jenny Litchfield - Company secretary

Jenny joined the family business full time having had a successful career in retail management. Jenny has exceptional customer service skills and is arguably the most organised person you could ever meet, despite being surrounded with less than organised and cooperative colleagues (read husband).   The daughter of a rally cross champion Jenny has performance cars in her blood, even the Litchfield family car once belonged to a WRC champion. Jenny has a more part-time role in the firm now as she helps managing the Jr Litchfield’s crazy timetable of school runs, clubs and busy social lives.

Neil - Sales Co-Ordinator

Neil worked at Litchfield 15 years ago before moving onto a senior position at Mitsubishi. He has over 20 years of sales experience in the motor industry within main dealers and local motor factors. This experience of providing customer satisfaction has made him the perfect choice for handling sales and service enquiries and is often the customer's first port of call.

Neil's favourite film is Back to the Future 1 or 3, depending on the day, and he also enjoys motorbikes and the associated leather wearing.

Neil is currently building his dream Renault Clio track car.

Stuart - Workshop Manager

Stuart has plenty of main dealer experience becoming a senior technician at Subaru and Mercedes before moving onto become Master Tech for Audi and then being poached to work here.  Our workshop manager for 4 years, Stuart makes sure that the workshop runs efficiently and that the team have been organised.  With his meticulous care and detail attention he is also the ideal choice to oversee the larger Stage 5 and Stage 6 builds along with some of the more exotic cars that pass through our care.

His road cars are slightly less exotic and his current project involving creating an exciting track day car from a MG hatch – good luck Stu!

Dan - Technical Manager

Dan has been with us for over 5 years and brings with him a huge amount of experience and exceptional technical ability. He has a long background at Nissan and Renault main dealer level and has been on almost every training course available, leading to his attainment of Nissan & Renault Master Tech status. He regularly provides technical support at race and track events including the Silverstone 24hr race and is a keen trackday and karting enthusiast in his spare time.

Dan is our resident Gearbox and ECU Calibration specialist after receiving extensive training from Dodson Motorsport, Ecutek, Syvecs and Maha.  Dan’s attention to detail and high standards ensures that we have thoroughly tested products and calibrations that we are proud to put our name to.

Current Cars: 330d & E36 M3 Trackcar

Scott - Master Technician

Scott has been working as a mechanic in the motor trade for over 13 years and has a wealth of experience in engine and gearbox repairs.  He is currently acting as project manager on several extensive GTR builds and ensures that the work is carried out on time. Scott is an avid BMW enthusiast and often creates rather special projects in his spare time.  Most recently he replaced his turbo charged 328i with a normally aspirated version using his own custom-made motorbike throttle bodies.

Gareth - Master Technician

Gareth is one of our newest members and he was also recruited from Audi where he was the senior Master Tech, previously working with Stuart.  Gareth has been a fantastic addition to the team with his superb workmanship. His love of old-school engineering makes him the ideal person to look after some of our classic car service and repair work.

Gareth spends his spare time looking after his classic Porsche 911 and his armoured vehicles!!

Luke - Technician

Luke joined us 2 years ago after several years working at a local garage. Initially his role was too concentrated on servicing and upgrade work, but more recently Luke has received training which has seen him become one of our GR6 transmission specialists.  Luke is now able to diagnose and repair a number of the common faults found with the complex GTR gearbox. He has combined this ability to successfully learn new skills with his great work ethic.

Luke is just getting into motorsport and is slowly building himself a BMW 328i track car which he hopes to run in events later this year.

Ross - Technician

It’s difficult to know where to start with Ross, but deep inside an engine bay is his natural habitat and where he spends 90% of his time.  Ross initially came to Litchfield on work experience and impressed (just) enough to gain a Saturday job role.  Having completed his studies he joined the team as a full time apprentice and worked hard(ish) to gain his qualifications. Since completing his apprenticeship and, despite being at the end of many an internal joke, he has developed into an exceptional technician with the ability to pick up new skills instantly.

Ross has worked on a diverse array of projects including a trip to Florida to support Dan with the install of a full LM750 conversion package on a Nissan GTR, just in time for the Gumball Rally.  All at the tender age of 18 and having never travelled outside of Gloucestershire, let alone the UK.

Like a metaphor for Ross himself, his current daily driver may look like a particularly horrendous old 240 SX with an even worse paint job (it is part of a 'scene' apparently).  Look a lot deeper and you’ll glimpse an impressive installation of a Lexus V8, BMW M3 transmission and upgraded chassis parts, almost all carried out on his driveway (much to the dismay of his neighbours).

Will - Technician

After finishing school, Will studied to become an engineer at college. Upon completing the course he started work at a local garage before joining us 2 years ago. Will has amazing workmanship with an engineering background which makes him very handy with metal work.  This has seen him play crucial roles in the completion of many track focused cars including our Nissan GTR RS track special.  Will has also become one of our chassis specialists and is the go-to technician for specific wheel alignments. To further enhance his knowledge Will travelled to Germany to receive specialist suspension training from KW and has helped with our product testing at the Nurburgring.

Will can often be found supporting our track events offering chassis setup and giving general help to customers. His current project car is a mk2 Golf 1.8T.

Tom - Senior Technician

Tom is another of our recent appointments and has become a valued member of the team.  Careful and precise Tom focuses on insuring his service and upgrade jobs are completed to the highest possible standards with the minimum of fuss.   Once national apprentice of the year for a large car manufacturer, Tom has achieved more with us than we could have hoped for in the short time he’s been with us.


Steve - Chief Engineer

Steve has been building engines and providing engineering solutions for some of our projects for many years and 2 years ago joined the Litchfield team full time. With over 35 years of experience there is very little that he can't do or hasn’t seen.  Our Subaru and Nissan GTR engines have been lovingly handcrafted, assembled to meticulous detail in-house by Steve. Each one is a mini work of art.

As well as our bespoke engine builds, Steve is also responsible for many of our engineering solutions such as the development of our very successful GTR bell-housing upgrade.

With the recent expansion to our site, we created a new engine strip down area, automated parts washing facilities, engine clean room with dust extraction and soon we’ll have our own dedicated engine dyno with a machine shop. Combined with Steve’s vast experience we will be able to develop even more impressive powertrains.

Adam - IT / logistics

Prior to joining Litchfield, Adam worked in web design (co-producing the old Litchfield Website) and went on to run his own graphics/signwriting company. Adam initially provided decals and wrapped our cars before coming to work for us full time. He now works in the office primarily on the IT systems, but also co-ordinates the the movements of customer cars along with arranging vehicle transport for some of our overseas clients.

Like the rest of our staff, Adam is passionate about all motorsport and is building himself a 306 rally car.

Tim - Financial Controller

Tim has been doing the company accounts for over 14 years and likes to keep a prudent eye over company spending. Along with his extensive accounting knowledge, Tim also enjoys his cars on track in endurance events. He has owned an extensively modified Nissan GTI-R, two Impreza STis and has recently dipped his toe into the German marques with an E92 M3.

For someone so sensible he has an unhealthy passion for extreme sports and owning Renaults.

Lee - Parts Manager

Lee has a huge amount of automotive and parts supply experience. Starting at 16 as a Technician he has now been in the trade for 19 years. He has previously worked as branch manager for one of the largest local motor factors and more recently for Honda. He is a serial fast car owner (GT4/Impreza Type R/M3/M5 to name a few), self-professed Ring Meister and when not in work is a keen chef.

Together with his parts team of Andy and Matt, we are hugely excited about significantly improving our levels of service, sales and efficiency throughout 2016.

Our new Parts Department building ensures we have enough space to handle the demand for our own busy workshop, as well as our many mail order customer’s, both trade and retail. Whether you are looking for a standard replacement part, one of our own Litchfield products or something from the biggest names in the industry, Lee and his team will be happy to help.

Andy - Storage Manager

Before joining the team Andy ran his own successful car cleaning and detailing business. After using his services to detail customer cars we could see his keen eye for detail and dedication to the job. He soon joined us full time and became our store manager, ensuring the smooth operation of our stores (although he still details the odd car from time-to-time).

Andy loves his track days and can be normally found either on track or prepping his car.