Following on from our very successful Audi C7 RS6 tuning project, we have decided to offer a stage upgrade system for the brilliant Audi 8V RS3. Working with a local owner, we have spent a huge amount of time on our dyno developing a progessive stage structure to allow you to safely tune your car from the standard figures of 362BHp and 343lbft.


Stage 1

Similar to our massively popular GTR stage 1 modification, our RS3 stage 1 upgrade involves fitting Milltek stainless secondary decat pipes and remapping the car.

Expect a power increase from the standard 362bhp to 430Bhp and torque increases to around 410lbft.

We are also able to just remap your car, retaining the standard exhaust system, however the power and torque figures obtained are reduced to 415BHp and 390lbft.

Stage 1 vs Standard power



Stage 1 Package £729.67

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Package includes:

Litchfield Stage 1 map£500.00

Milltek secondary decat pipes £164.67

Labour to install (1 hour) £65.00


Stage 2

Stage 2 utilises the decat pipes from stage 1 and adds a larger Forge intercooler, with modified standard crash bar. The improved flow and cooling characteristics allow us to further tweak the engine mapping, liberating another 20BHp.

Stage 2 maintains 340lbft from 2100 to 6700rpm, whereas a standard car maintains it from 2600 to 6000rpm.

Stage 2 vs Standard power



Stage 2 Package £1872.80

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Package includes:

Litchfield Stage 2 map £500.00

Forge Intercooler £883.13

Milltek Secondary decat pipes£164.67

Labour to install (5 hours) £325.00

- - -- - -

Stage 2 Upgrade from Stage 1 £1393.13


Please note that our quoted figures are based on 99 octane pump fuel without any additives. Please note that Stage 2 is not currently available for Adaptive Cruise vehicles.