Litchfield has been working closely with world-renowned suspension manufacturer KW, to produce a unique suspension package to improve both the ride and handling of the Focus RS mk III.

Having our own development vehicles has allowed us to experience the standard car’s setup in daily driving, fast road and in track conditions. We felt we could significantly improve the ride quality and enhance the already superb track manners of the RS.

Designed from the outset to work with the RS’s switchable damper settings the new Litchfield suspension kit will allow the driver to switch from the more comfortable road setting to the stiffer track setting in exactly the same way as the original system. However now the track mode has more compliance allowing it to be more suitable on fast road driving as well as circuit work.

The development work included sending our MY17 Focus RS to Germany where the KW team could evaluate the original setup on the road and on their 7-post rig. This special F1-grade testing equipment, one of only 15 in the world, allows the engineers to simulate all kinds of driving conditions and suspension frequencies to fully understand the RS’ chassis. A team from Litchfield then flew over to test the first sample kit.

The car's comfort level is now much higher in the ‘Normal’ mode. The new damper and spring rates control the body movement superbly whilst allowing the tyres to find more grip under cornering and acceleration.

Switching into ‘Track’ mode still keeps a level of adjustment which means that it is able to ride bumps rather than skipping off them.

To refine the system further, KW have provided additional development kits featuring minor revisions following our road test feedback. We have begun testing these new revisions back to back on our two development cars to find the perfect combination that will be unique to the Litchfield suspension kit.

If you have any questions or require more information please contact us to see how we can improve your Ford Focus RS.



The Litchfield Suspension Kit from KW £1995.00 ex VAT

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