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The drive-train in the R35 Nissan GTR is one of the most advanced produced by any manufacturer. Being able to regularly maintain and service this incredible machine is vital. Litchfield have more experience with the GTR then any independent European specialist having imported the very first car back in January 2008. Our investment in the required tools and diagnostic equipment means we are able to look after the GTR to these high standards whilst maintaining the factory warranty.

GT-R Workshop

During servicing the Nissan GTR we only use genuine Nissan parts and oil that is recommended or exceeds the Manufacturers standards. For example, the GTR's VR38 engine with its plasma-sprayed bores has been developed to run on Mobil 1 (0W-40) fully synthetic high performance engine oil. As such Litchfield carry this oil specifically for GTR servicing.

Under EU Block Exemption rules, using Nissan parts and investing in the correct diagnostic equipment means that GTR owners can choose to use an independent specialist such as ourselves without affecting their UK warranty. Please click here for more information on the EU Block Exemption rules about servicing and maintaining your warranty.

In the USA and Japan service intervals for the Nissan GTR are set at every 6,000 miles or 6months. Europe are also following a 6,000mile service interval with the main optimisation services every 12months or 12,000miles. The enhanced 2011 GTR follows a different service schedule which is every 12 months or 9,000 miles.

For those doing track days, we can tailor your service to include any extras you may need such as additional transmission fluid changes or a laser alignment and optimisation. Give us a call to discuss your next pre or post track day service.

Servicing Prices

Select the service you require from the drop down list or download the full pdf sheet below.

60 Month Option

Nissan recommend, for safety, having the brake lines changed at the 60,000 mile / 5 year service. We routinely check the brake lines and advise if they are in need of replacement. If not, we would suggest moving their replacement to the next service (6M) to spread the extra cost.


Nissan R35 GTR Service Costs
Service Intervals (Months)
Service Intervals (Years)
Standard Labour Times
Laser Alignment Labour times
Total Labour Cost
Retail Parts Cost Quantity  
Oil Filter 1
Nissan Air Filters* 1
Mobil 1 0w40* 5
Drain Washer 1
Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid* 1
Coolant 11
Castrol Syntrax Diff Fluid (OE spec.) 3
Pentosin FFL4 Gearbox Fluid* 10
Replace brake hoses** 4
Screen Wash 1
Spark Plugs 6
Environmental Charge 1
Parts Total
Parts and Labour Total Excluding VAT
Parts and Labour Total Including VAT




You can click on this PDF document to see our current GTR Servicing costs.

Contact us now to discuss your GTRs service plan and ways we can assist you in looking after your car.

Please click here for more information on the EU Block Exemption rules about servicing and maintaining your warranty.

GT-R Performance Optimisation Inspections

In addition to the regular maintenance recommended by NISSAN, the GT-R requires the following inspections;

Transmission Clutch settings

The design of the GTR's clutch and transmission requires inspection and adjustment of the clutch and shift forks at the recommended intervals. Depending on driving conditions, more frequent adjustments may be necessary to help maximize vehicle performance. Some JDM owners have reported poor shift and transmission performance at low vehicle speeds. This alignment procedure will help improve this.

Wheel Alignment

After what Nissan terms as the suspension components "break-in", the GTR's wheel alignment needs to be measured and adjusted. We can offer a full adjustment using the latest laser alignment equipment.

Engine settings (balancing of air flow for left and right banks)

Each cylinder bank on the GTR engine operates independently due to the vehicle's twin turbocharger design. As such each side of the engine must operate at the same level of performance. The power output of each bank must be checked and adjusted as necessary. Our diagnostic equipment allows us to perform this task.

These Optimisation inspections are required at the following intervals: 1,000 miles and then annually. These are in addition to the normal servicing procedure required by the Nissan GTR.

Litchfield Imports have all the appropriate diagnostic tools to help look after this superb performance car.

Litchfield Performance Oil Options

The service options now including new oil choices from Motul and Pentosin we thought it sensible to revise our service prices so it is clearer to follow. With a number of cars coming out of Nissan's warranty we also wanted to highlight our extended warranty and breakdown cover package.

Engine oil
For engine oil we have a choice of the factory fill Mobil 1 and the full range of Motul engine oils.

Gearbox oil
We use Pentosin FFL4 in the GTR gearbox unless the car is used on track or for competition use, in which case we recommend using Pentosin R fluid.

Differential Oil
The differential fluid we use is the same as the original Nissan fill for the 2008-2010 cars which is Castrol Syntrax. We also carry the Motul/Nismo 75w140 Diff oil for those with the later 2011+ models or for cars that see harder use.

Brake fluid
We use Motul's excellent DOT 5.1 brake fluid as our standard replacement fluid but for cars that see hard use on track we also carry Castrol SRF Brake fluid for the ultimate pedal feel and consistency.

Contact us now for more information or to book your service.