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Nissan Juke Tuning

Litchfield have been successfully tuning the 1.6T engine in the Nissan Juke for a number of years. We use EcuTek to transfer our own files, developed on our own DiG-T, into the engine ecu and then tweak the base map to the car. The engine tuning works on all of the Juke 1.6T cars, including the Nismo and RS models, and gives significant gains in horsepower, torque and driveability - the ecu remap costs £500 + vat.

We also offer the excellent Eibach Pro Kit springs for the Juke. With a wheel alignment (using adjustable camber bolts) and Eibach spacers they greatly improve the handling and looks of the Juke without making the car unsuitable for everyday use. The springs and bolts are available to buy separately from our on-line shop, or by contacting our parts department.

Juke Development Work

Litchfield - Nissan Juke

Litchfield are delighted to offer full servicing and the very best upgrade parts for the amazing Nissan Juke.

Our 6 bay workshop facility and main dealer trained technicians can offer Juke owners everything that is required to look after these amazing cars at a competitive price. Best of all having the Litchfield team work on the car will have no effect on the Manufacturer’s warranty (click here for more information).

Click Here a transparent service price schedule in PDF format.

Litchfield - Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke has been an unrivalled global success and is almost solely responsible for the surge in crossover vehicles on the market today. Its unconventional styling is a refreshing break form the normal family hatch. Both the 1.6 petrol turbo and Diesel engines have decent performance but we know they could provide so much more.

Our 1.6 Dig-T Tekna was delivered in March and is equipped with all the gadgets expected from a class leader along with the usual Nissan high-quality finish. The excellent 188bhp turbo-charged engine is great fun on the roads and is already showing plenty of scope for enhancement.

Litchfield - Nissan Juke

Development work started immediately on our car with ECUTEK getting the first opportunity to have a look. Progress was swift, and within the week they were able to raise the power to over 225hp with only a few small map changes made to our otherwise standard car. They have even been able to add some of the special features from the GT-R software which will offer switchable maps and adjustable boost from the cruise control switch. The software will be available for remapping very shortly with Litchfield at the forefront of its development.

Litchfield - Nissan Juke
Litchfield - Nissan Juke

Our engineering partners at Forge have now been able to developed a number new products for the car including a new Recirculating and Dump Valve for the 1.6 turbo engine which are now available to order from our shop.

Litchfield - Nissan Juke
Litchfield - Nissan Juke

The Juke also came along with us on our recent trip to the Nürburgring and performed admirably around the world famous track. It was the perfect opportunity for us to spend a decent amount of time behind the wheel on both the long drive out to Germany but also understand its strengths and limitations around the world most demanding circuit.

Our demonstrator was standard except for fitting the new Eibach Pro-Springs kit and our revised laser alignment settings which not only improved the ride and handling but also gives the car a much lower, meaner look by lowering the car by 25-30mm. The Eibach Pro-Springs are also available to order from our shop now.

Litchfield - Nissan Juke
Litchfield - Nissan Juke