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Nissan GTR Ownership made easy

Because of our extensive experience with these cars over the years we are happy to provide a comprehensive warranty program. The GTR is a stunning piece of engineering but like any car it can require maintenance and repair. On such a specialist car this can be an expensive process. Our Warranty and Care Plan is aimed at removing the fear of expensive bills should a mechanical failure occur.

Complete peace of mind

All engine and gearbox components are covered so whether you have a seal, turbo or a clutch pack fail we will be there to repair the car. The warranty even covers the infamous Bell Housing which will be replaced with our upgraded unit. We have tried to make the warranty as straight forward and comprehensive as possible.

Buy and Sell with confidence

The warranty package is also transferable* to the next owner so it means the car can be bought and sold with full confidence with the knowledge that Litchfield are there to support the car should any problems arise.

Our detailed pre-warranty health check records all the vital information on the cars use giving buyers reassurance in the cars history.

Servicing made simple

Servicing and maintaining the GTR can be a confusing and an expensive task. We have looked to simplify this process with our Care Plan. We recommend having the GTR serviced once per year or every 12,000miles as per Nissan’s current schedule. However instead of another expensive service every 6 months we recommend a straight forward interim service and health check.

Updates to the latest Nissan / Litchfield software

Like all manufacturers Nissan have regularly updated their engine and gearbox software throughout the GTR’s life. As part of the warranty package we will make sure all standard cars are running the latest software versions to insure the best performance. All Litchfield tuned cars will receive our latest tuned files which a regularly reviewed and updated as our partners Ecutek release new features.

Increased performance with confidence

Having imported the first GTR into Europe back in 2008 we have a huge amount of experience with these amazing cars and our commitment to testing and developing products on our own vehicles has given us an amazing reliability record even on the most highly tuned engines. We are therefore happy to extend our warranty program to cover all Stage 1- 5 (570-750bhp) conversions (subject to our terms and conditions).

Total peace of mind

The Litchfield warranty is available to all standard GTR’s and cars we have previously tuned following our detailed pre-warranty health check. We charge 2 hours labour to complete this inspection or offer this free of charge when combined with a service or performance upgrade package.

  • Comprehensive Warranty covering all major components
  • Litchfield’s simplified service and maintenance routine
  • Chartwell Accident Care package for quick and easy repairs if any accident occurs
  • Updates to the latest Nissan or Litchfield engine and gearbox software (Please note that 2011+ gearbox software update requires an upgrade licence on pre 2011 cars)
  • Professional warranty administration team for simple and easy communication
  • Supports our popular performance upgrade packages
  • The balance of the warranty is transferable to the next owner
  • Prices for the warranty are:
    • £1,200 inc. VAT for vehicles entering their 4th year (renewal customers will be charged the same as their first year with us)
    • £1,440 inc. VAT for vehicles entering their 5th year
    • £1,680 inc. VAT for vehicles entering their 6th year
    • Vehicles over 6 years old will be admitted at our discretion

For customers that still have some Nissan warranty remaining we will cover the parts not already covered by the manufacturers’ policy to give piece of mind when looking at upgrade packages.

If you would like to discuss our Warranty package please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Warranty Calculator

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Mileage Cover

*Our warranty package is transferable only with prior authorisation from Litchfield.