We are proud to introduce the LM Manifold & Turbo kit for the Nissan GT-R.  Alongside our state-of-the-art dyno cell, this kit represents one of the biggest technological advances we have made as a company.  

Designed with some of the UK's premier motorsport firms and with some of the country's leading F1 engineers, our manifold uses the very best of British engineering to create something truly special.

The LM Manifold & Turbo kit offers GT-R owners an express ticket to big power numbers with reliable performance, backed by a 5 year warranty.





Our patent-pending conical log manifold benefits from the latest 3D scanning technology and countless hours of painstaking CFD analysis, allowing us to improve and refine the design. 

Special care has been taken to ensure the maximum efficiency of each internal curve and surface. This attention to detail increases the performance of the turbo turbine wheel, providing optimal power and reducing turbo lag.

The Litchfield m
anifold allows no sacrifice in low-end response and fully utilises its high grade Ni-resist alloy to improve heat retention whilst also ensuring long-term reliability.







Conceived to allow access to the most advanced turbo technology, our manifold releases the true potential of your VR38 engine.

Beautifully designed, machined and cast; every component of the LM Manifold and Turbo Kit has been carefully considered and tested.  Custom components eliminate the need for gaskets whilst unique super alloy nuts and Inconel fastenings maintain the highest levels of durability.  

The LM Manifold & Turbo Kit is tailored to our customer's power goals with road engine conversions ranging from the 800bhp LM800 model all the way to up to the 1000bhp capable LM1000. 

For those with a competitive spirit, a range of race applications are also being tested for even higher outputs.

Our holistic approach to performance means we have carefully considered the real world use. We utilise larger wastegates and an upgraded boost control solenoid to provide the driver with greater control and a wider performance window.





•       Cast Manifolds with Zircotec coating

•       BorgWarner or Garrett ball bearing turbo assemblies

•       V-band Stainless steel cast turbo exhaust housing

•       Bespoke Wills Ring seals

•       CNC V-band Turbo Adapters

•       Inconel and Super alloy fastenings

•       Large bore turbo intake

•       44mm water cooled external wastegates

•       Stainless steel down pipes

•       Goodridge heat insulated oil and water lines

•      Turbo oil feed filters

•       Upgraded Boost control solenoid

•       Heat shielded boost control lines