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The Mazda 2.3 DISI (Direct Injection Spark Ignition) engine is the combination of two conflicting ideals, economy and performance. The result of this design brief changes convention by injecting only fuel into the combustion chamber rather than mixing the fuel and air first.

Mazda Tuning

The DISI Turbo engines go further by increasing air pressure within the combustion chamber resulting in more power, more torque and cleaner emissions. The first Turbo DISI engine was released in the MazdaSpeed6 Mazda Engine in 2005 and became the first turbo charged car in Japan to be certified as a SULEV vehicle with 5% better fuel efficiency than the target set out in the 2010 standards. The engine was also placed in Ward's Top 10 Engines Of The Year 2006 and 2007.

We are now able to improve upon these fantastic engines further with an EcuTek ECU remap. Some of the current models which use this engine and can therefore be remapped:

  • Mazda 3/6 Turbo (2005-2010)
  • Mazda 3MPS
  • Mazda 3MPS Generation 2
  • Mazda 6MPS
  • Mazda CX7
Mazda 6 + mps

Gen 2 Mazda 3MPS

The latest map for the gen 2 Mazda 3MPS raises the torque to 470NM from 390NM at 4100rpm. Peak power is also increased by around 50bhp from 255bhp to 295bph with only a conservative map. Power and torque graphs:

MK1 Mazda 3MPS

Power and torque graph for Mazda 3 MPS MK1:


Power graphs coming soon, map is available.


Milltek Catback Exhaust System

We can also supply a full cat-back exhaust system for the 2005+ Mazda MX-5 soft-top. This system consists of a front connecting pipe, centre section, rear silencer and dual 90mm jet tailpipe assemblies. This system will improve the sound and performance of your car.

Full system price: £658.36 +VAT

Contact Us for more details.