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We are pleased to introduce our latest tuning packages for the new Subaru Boxer Diesel range.

Subaru's BOXER diesel engine is a world first with its unique horizontally-opposed layout and low centre of gravity. In standard form this engine produces 145bhp and 258lbft of torque. Our new upgrade packages gives Subaru's already excellent design class leading performance.

We have worked closely with long term engine management partners ECUTEK to produce some detailed ECU remaps which not only raise power and torque throughout the range but also improve driveability and fuel consumption (typically 10% fuel saving).

Reprogramming of the ECU takes place using the cars onboard diagnostic port and edits the original maps. This effective solution enables us to offer a quick and safe means to enhance the car. Changing the maps and targets within that original ECU means our increases are gained by working within Subaru's sophisticated control systems and are much safer and more powerful than the alternative interference boxes that are currently on the market.

Stage 1

Our stage 1 package raises peak power to 180bhp and peak torque to 310lbft an increase of 30bhp and 52lbft. However the peak figures are only part of the improvement throughout the whole rev range with an increase of over 45bhp at 4,000rpm.

This cost effective upgrade package is available now from £600 Inc. VAT

Advanced Features

Some of the advanced features for FlashCAN Subaru Diesel:

  • Full access to all the Engine ECU Torque Control calibration tables.
  • Ability to adjust and re-calibrate target values like Target Boost Pressure, Target Fuel Rail Pressure or Target Airflow.
  • Ability to adjust and re-calibrate Limiters like Boost Limit, Fuel Pressure Limit or Injection Quantity Limit.
  • Ability to adjust and re-calibrate the compensation tables such as Air Temp, Coolant Temp and Atmospheric Pressure.
  • Live visual display of high speed ECU diagnostic parameters for accurate tuning.
  • Data Logging of live ECU data which can be viewed by FlashCAN or DeltaDash for analysis purpose.
  • Live coloured map tracing on Map Editing windows
  • Ability to Read and Clear all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) from the Engine ECU
  • Innovate external sensor logging facility which allows additional external sensors to be logged by FlashCAN and DeltaDash

Advantages of EcuTeK over competitors

  • Extremely fast ECU programming in under 30 seconds via the OBD2 diagnostic socket, no need to even open the bonnet!
  • No additional parts or hardware need to be fitted to the vehicle, so invisible to any garages or insurance companies.
  • No ECU signals are altered or clamped that 'trick' the ECU into false readings.
  • Fuel Consumption meter reading (MPG or L/kms) remain 100% accurate and are not distorted (like with 'smoke boxes') as the ECU calculates the TRUE fuel quantity it Injects each engine revolution.
  • All factory failsafe setting and conditions are retained in the event of an engine/turbo problem or a sensor failure.
  • All ECU tuning is based on the very latest ECU software versions issued by the manufacture for a particular model so your EcuTeK tuning will also upgraded your ECU to the latest software version available.
  • The vehicle can be custom tuned to suit the vehicle, driver, climatic or local fuel conditions, so no fear of the scary scenario where 'one generic box or one generic tuned program file to suit all models worldwide' !
  • No need to remove, open or even touch the ECU itself, so avoiding any tell-tale signs of ECU tampering.
  • Completely avoids all risk associated with drilling out ECU security tamper bolts that secure the security cage armour around the factory ECU which can invalidate any warranty claims.
  • No risk of damaging the ECU from removing and 'levering/force opening' the factory sealed ECU.
  • No risk at all of damaging the expensive ECU by soldering tiny wires all over the ECU PCB to critical locations.
  • No risk in the future of the ECU letting in water, oil, fuel or other contaminates after the seal has been broken.
  • The ECU can be reprogrammed back to standard or original again by OBD2 socket.

A customer's view of our Stage 1 kit

"Just a quick email to say I'm delighted with the remap. The power delivery is so much better than the chip remap I had on my previous Legacy. I drove back the same 90 mile route, same speeds maybe a bit quicker, reset the trip computer and 42.6 on the way to you improved to 47.1. This is the same route I take on my way to our Worcester office once a week and I've never seen better than 44mpg. I can now leave the car in 6th and have enough torque from 2,000 rpm to accelerate strongly whereas before dropping down to 5th was required" - Neil in Reading (2010 Legacy Outback Diesel)