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Based on the Impreza WRX STI, this iconic STI spec C model features an enhanced engine and chassis setup as well as a lighter body to maximise performance. The Spec C is Subaru's new FIA approved Group N base car. This means that all new Subaru Group N cars are built around this upgraded package. The FIA Group N legislation imposes tight modification restrictions so manufacturers need to engineer their production models to cope with the rigors of competition use. This makes the Spec C the ideal base for enthusiasts wanting the ultimate in practical performance.

This latest version of the Spec C uses a revised turbocharger which features newly adopted ball bearings for the turbine axle. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) program was also exclusively developed for better engine response quicker, improved acceleration and with our UK modifications it gains even greater sophistication and control. The Spec C also features upgrade suspension, larger power steering pump, chassis bushes and reinforced sub frame to improve the chassis rigidity and handling.

Like previous Spec C models the car features a number of weight saving measures including aluminium bonnet, thinner glass and lightweight battery. This reduction in weight benefits all aspects of the cars performance and gives a purer driving experience.

Along with the many updates Subaru have added to the Spec C model all car imported by Litchfield are also extensively modified and improved using our many years of experience. This makes the Litchfield Subaru Impreza Spec C the definitive performance version.

Subaru and Litchfield Spec C Improvements summary:

Enhancement of Engine performance

  • 325bhp / 320lbft
  • Ball bearings on the turbine axle to reduce friction
  • Litchfield optimised ECU programming, with per gear boost control and selectable maps offers smoother and quicker response to the accelerator pedal and excellent engine performance.
  • An inter-cooler water spray reduce intake-air temperature at sustained high-load driving, providing stable engine performance and improved efficiency.
  • Litchfield upgrades to engine cooling

Enhancement of Chassis performance:

  • Reinforcement of the cross member in front-suspensions offers a linear steering response.
  • Specification changes in suspension dampers, spring rate, rear anti roll bar and rear sub-frame bushes optimise for more reduced body roll and improved road-holding capacity.
  • Rear LSD (Limited Slip Differential) system has changed to a mechanical type from a Torsen type to obtain the steady and powerful traction during cornering.
  • Improved handling with a weightier steering feel is aided by and higher oil flow power steering pump and Litchfield upgrade.

Lightened body:

  • An aluminium engine hood and a downsized battery, which make the front section of the vehicle lighter, produce better manoeuvrability.
  • Laminar glasses were adopted in the front and side windows. They lightened the upper section of the body weight, resulting in improved stability during cornering.
  • A flat tire repair kit is standard, which also helps weight reduction.



  • A structural change of fuel pump provides stable fuel delivery with reduced surge even under high-load driving.
  • Gold coloured "brembo" brake calipers are standard compared to the Black callipers used in the normal STI.

The price for the new Spec C is £29,995 OTR which includes 12months Road fund licence, ECU remap for UK fuel with custom code features, Category 1 Thatcham approved alarm system and a 2 year Comprehensive warranty.

In addition to the standard Spec C we have also produced our Sport model which lifts power to 350bhp as well further improving the handling.

The Sport model adds:

  • 350bhp & 350lbft
  • New 2011 Milltek Sport 3" exhaust system with 100 Cell Sports CAT
  • Performance Air filter
  • Upgraded front and rear anti roll bars
  • 2011 Type-20 AST 2 way adjustable suspension
  • AST solid front top mounts with increased Caster angles
  • Upgraded chassis bushes
  • Fast Road Wheel alignment
  • Litchfield RACE ROM 350bhp ECU with switchable maps and per gear tuning

The price for the Sport model is £33,995 OTR