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The Litchfield turbo took over 18 months of development work and has been a great success.

Peter Marsh, Managing Director of Turbo Dynamics talks about
the Litchfield Subaru Twin Entry Turbo project

The official launch took place at the 2009 Autosport show at the NEC and they have proved extremely popular. This turbo offers Twinscroll customers a chance to produce much great power whilst retaining superb driveability. The release of our new Billet range takes the performance onto another level! The new Billet wheels can be retro fitted to any LM series turbo or specified on a new order.

Why go for a Billet Compressor Wheel?

  • Approximately 30-40% lighter than the cast original Compressor wheel.
  • Weight reduction gives a significant improvement to transient throttle response
  • Faster Turbo spool up for less turbo lag
  • Advanced CNC accuracy for improved aerodynamics
  • Larger blade length due to reduced CNC hub size
  • Extended Tip design for increased airflow
  • Machined from solid Billet for additional strength
  • Just £195+vat upgrade on the standard cast wheel

The details of the new Litchfield Turbo are:

  • Bolt on turbo for all Twinscroll JDM STI models from 2003-2011MY
  • Designed in the UK using the latest CAD and CFD techniques
  • Cast and machined in the UK by OEM Turbo production company
  • Exhaust housing made from the highest quality Ni-Resist iron (unlike most brands)
  • Two internal volute sizes allowing for perfect matching of customers performance expectations
  • Each housing has the award winning Zircotec Ceramic coating that drastically reduces the under bonnet temperatures and allows maximum turbo response.
  • Designed to run the latest Garrett Ballistic ball bearing cores with their proven performance potential and superb spool up characteristics
  • Custom cast compressor covers for both standard cable and Drive-By-Wire throttles
  • Compressor covers available in over 74 different configurations with options like Ported Shrouds and larger 76mm intakes.
  • Extensively tested on JDM 2.0litre and upgraded 2.5 Twinscroll models to provide popular power options but customised version are also available.
Litchfield Subaru Twin Scroll Turbo
Litchfield Subaru Twin Scroll Turbo
Litchfield Subaru Twin Scroll Turbo

To simplify the ordering process we have produced and tested key turbo combinations. These combinations have easy to follow part numbers as shown below.

LM400 (HP rating) - S (Exhaust housing size S=small L=large) 60 (Compressor cover size)
Examples of popular Turbo combinations:

The LM400-S60 turbo is rated for around 400bhp with near standard spool up characteristics. This Turbo is designed to run on the 2.0litre STI engines and uses the smaller internal volute in order to maximize boost response. The turbo uses the 0.60 Compressor cover with the 58mm intake. This is the same spec of turbo we ran on our acclaimed Type-20.

The LM450-S60 turbo is rate for around 450bhp with peak boost arriving 500-700rpm later than the LM400. This Turbo is also designed to run on the 2.0litre engine and uses the smaller internal volute in order to maximize boost response. The turbo uses the 0.60 Compressor cover with the 58mm intake.

The LM450-L60 is the 2.5litre version which produces 450bhp and uses the larger internal volute which does not become overwhelmed by the larger engines exhaust gas flow. This turbo uses the 0.60 and offers instant throttle response and no lag making a superb street turbo.

Below are the prices for our turbos and the range of options we offer.

Litchfield Part No.Price Ex-VATLitchfield Part No.Price Ex-VAT
58mm Inlet76mm Inlet
Popular Turbo OptionsPrice Excluding VAT
Billet Compressor wheel upgrade£195.00
Race Bronze bearing carrier£150.00
76mm Ported Shroud Compressor Cover£175.00
Garrett Speedsensor installed with Gauge£495.00
Garrett Speedsensor installed£425.00
Full Turbo blue printing£175.00
Subaru Twinscroll Up-pipe Gasket£15.95
Subaru Twinscroll Downpipe Gasket£15.95
Litchfield 800cc Injector kit£475.00
3-Port PNP boost control solenoid£120.00
Cosworth panel filter MY01-MY07 standard Airbox£26.00
Cosworth panel filter MY08+ standard Airbox£26.00
Litchfield MY01-MY07 Cold intake kitTBA
Litchfield MY08+ Cold intake kit£195.00
Milltek Twinscroll Downpipe with resonator MY02-07 (MSSUB126)£226.28
Milltek Twinscroll Downpipe with resonator MY08+ (MSSUB150)£220.50

If you don't have a Twinscroll car, no problem we have a equally wide range of Single scroll directly bolt on turbos. Contact us for more information.