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Akrapovic Exhausts

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Your contract with Litchfield Imports (Glos.) Ltd trading as Litchfield

Please read the terms and conditions detailed below. If there is anything you would like clarification on please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01684 850 999.

Once a sale transaction has been agreed and a deposit payment has been received by Litchfield the contract is effective. The necessary arrangements will be put into place. Therefore cancellation or withdrawal of an order will result in the deposit amount being held by Litchfield.

While Litchfield will make every effort to deliver the vehicle or parts ordered by the estimated delivery date, we will not be liable for any claim for compensation of any description that may result from delay due to reasons beyond our control. If delay arises in this way, we will contact you to agree an alternative delivery date.

If you, the purchaser, cannot pay for and/or take delivery of your vehicle or parts within 21 days of us notifying you that the vehicle is ready, we will treat the contract as cancelled. If this happens or you cancel the contact for any other reason, we will sell the vehicle or parts to another party. Litchfield will be entitled to recover additional costs we incur in reselling the vehicle plus any reduction in the sale price achieved. If it is not sold within a reasonable time frame, we will sell the vehicle or parts at auction.

The vehicle will belong to Litchfield until the total purchase price has been paid in full and cleared our bank account. A cheque or bankers draft will not be treated as payment until it has been cleared by the bank.

If the vehicle ordered is new Litchfield will undertake pre-delivery work specified by the manufacturer. All vehicles will be sold with the benefit of the manufacturer's warranty, a Litchfield supplied warranty or a third party warranty. Warranty applies to road use only.

If the manufacturers recommended price or Litchfield selling price is significantly increased we will liaise with you so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

If we are unable to deliver the specific model of vehicle ordered because the manufacturer ceases manufacturing whether before or after the estimated delivery date, we may cancel the contract and refund any deposit you have paid in full.

Litchfield endeavours to correctly market each product/vehicle, however we cannot be held responsible for errors in published details.

Where you wish to sell us a vehicle in part exchange, the value as agreed by Litchfield will be reduced from the purchase price of the vehicle we agree to supply, provided that you own the vehicle to be taken in part exchange and its ownership can be transferred to Litchfield.

Outstanding finance is declared and cleared prior to being transferred to Litchfield.

The part exchange vehicle should be delivered in the same condition as it was on inspection prior to the sales contract. Ownership of the part exchange vehicle will transfer to Litchfield on the day of handover.

If you fail to satisfy any of these conditions we will not be obliged to accept your vehicle in part exchange. If a comprise can't not be agreed the purchaser maybe required to pay the whole purchase price for the vehicle supplied by Litchfield.

Litchfield cannot guarantee the appearance and/or colours of products presented on the website. All sizes and dimensions are approximate.

Litchfield take every care to test the quality and performance of our goods and services however we cannot guarantee specific performance expectations.

If your parts order is faulty or damaged on delivery we will endeavour to exchange the product or issue a refund. Goods must be returned to Litchfield in original packaging without being installed or used with all relevant seals and enclosures intact within 14days of receipt.

Parts removed during a service/upgrade/general repairs, if not collected within 4 weeks, will be disposed of.

Parts are subject to variations in pricing due to exchange rate fluctuations and external pressures. You will be notified if prices change after an order has been placed. Payment must be made prior to despatch. Full address details and contact details must be provided at point of ordering. Litchfield reserve the right not to supply a company or individual at our discretion.

Communication between Litchfield and the purchaser can be by several different means. Telephone, mobile telephone, fax, email, letter and in person. We require viewing to be arranged strictly by appointment. Communication and calls maybe recorded for quality control, security, training purposes and dispute resolution.

Litchfield shall not be liable to the purchaser where compliance of our obligations to the purchaser are prevented by reasons out of the control of Litchfield, such as acts of God, war, civil commotion, accident, strike, lock outs, trade disputes, acts or restraints of government, imposition or restrictions of imports or exports.

This agreement is subject to the relevant United Kingdom law and the relevant courts of the United Kingdom.

Litchfield Imports (Glos.) Ltd, T/as Litchfield.
T: 01684 850999 E:



Dyno Terms and Conditions 

Before commencing a power run you will be asked to agree with, and sign, a disclaimer stating the following.

POWER RUN: This consists of carrying out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures. At the same time, where possible, we will monitor boost and fuelling using an exhaust gas analyser and wideband lambda sensor. Our charge for a power run is £90 plus VAT.

FULL DYNO SESSION: Checks are carried out on ignition operation, fuelling system, engine management fault codes and live data. Adjustments are made where possible. We carry out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures. At the same time, where possible, we will monitor boost and fuelling using an exhaust gas analyzer and wideband lambda sensor. Our dyno diagnostic labour rate of £120 per hour plus VAT will apply (this is separate to the cost of the power run).

DIAGNOSTICS: Where diagnostics are required to fault find, our diagnostic labour rate of £120 per hour plus VAT will apply (this is separate to the cost of the power run).

PRE TEST CONDITIONS - The customer must make sure the vehicle is in a fit state to dyno test. All fluid levels must be checked and topped up by the customer before testing. Tyres must be in good condition and correctly inflated.  The cooling system must be free from defects and functioning correctly. The exhaust must be gas-tight as samples will need to be taken from the tail pipe and any leaks will dilute these readings. Finally, the vehicle must have adequate fuel of the correct octane rating.

A fuel surcharge will apply if Litchfield are required to add additional fuel.  This charge will be levied at the discretion of Litchfield.

For the purpose of accurate performance testing and for best results the customer must be satisfied that all relevant components are in good serviceable condition; such components include, but are not limited to, spark plugs, injectors, turbochargers and ignition system. Please be aware that test results may not represent the true performance of the vehicle if such components are in poor condition.

The rolling road may be used to establish the cause or source of a given issue.

There must be means to attach securing straps to the vehicle. If not, we may be unable to perform the power test. In such circumstances, you may still be charged for the time allocated to the rolling road.

SAFETY: The customer must comply with all safety instructions given by Litchfield personnel from time to time, particularly with regard to safe distances and noise protection. Customers must also observe safety notices and signage at all times. Failure to adhere to safety instructions will result in immediate cessation of all rolling road testing until the testing area has been made safe. Charges for abortive tests will apply.

Customers are not permitted in the Dyno Cell during operation and must watch from the viewing areas provided.