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The 15th and 16th April saw the launch of the new UK Time Attack Series. This is a circuit based calendar of events whereby competitors drive hard against the clock to set the quickest lap time around a circuit. The invited cars represent the best the UK tuning industry.

Event lineup

  • Media/Testing day April 15/16th (Sat/Sun) Donington ~ event report
  • Round 1 - May 28th (Sun) Rockingham ~ event report
  • Round 2 - June 17th (Sat) Silverstone (National) ~ event report
  • Round 3 - July 1st (Sat) Knockhill Race Circuit ~ event report
  • Round 4 - August 20th (Sun) Silverstone (National) ~ event report
  • Round 5 - September 17th (Sun) Donnington ~ event report

Litchfield Imports will be entering our 2006 Subaru Impreza Type-25 race car. This car is based on the latest lightweight Spec C and features a larger blueprinted 2.5 engine producing 500bhp on normal optimax! The car also features AST's latest 3-way adjustable suspension system with a host of additional chassis improvements. We will update our site shortly with more details on the cars massive specification.

After our competition success in 2005 we're looking forward to seeing how the winter improvements have benefited the car and also have a number of future developments waiting to be tested throughout the year.

Media/Testing day April 15/16th (Sat/Sun) Donington
The media launch took place at the Donny Show 2006 and was a non-point scoring round designed as a warm-up and exhibition weekend. Some of the Time Attack competitors presented cars for either public display or track shake-down.

The Time Attack Series will run alongside the D1GB National Championship for it events to provide a full-on action packed day of excitement watching the UK's best tuned cars and Europe's finest drift drivers.

Our 2006 Subaru Impreza Type-25 race car was also there both on the track and for media display. This is the same car that won it's class at last September's Tuner GP but it has also undergone a number of improvements over the winter.


Getting to Donnington and setting up before thousands of show goers involved a 5am start but once there we shared a garage with our friends from Abbey Motorsport. They had their impressive ex-touring car R32 Skyline complete with sequential gearbox. The Time Attack cars first track session was at 11am and we used this to bed our new brake pads in.

After a few short laps the car felt fantastic with unbelievably supple suspension and staggering power. It takes a little time to adjust to the quick steering responses, low seating position and harnesses. It's amazing what a difference these make to the whole driving experience. Over the winter AST has developed a new suspension system which has been supplied to some high profile race cars for this season's events. This suspension was superb over the large kerbs and kept the car really composed though the famous Craner Curves.


Once the brakes were bedded in the car was brought back into the pits where Curtis was able to plug the lap top into the Motec and download all of the cars data logging. In the future we intend to take this further and install full track mapping which accurately displays the circuit information using g-sensors. This will enable the driver to see exactly where they are pickup or dropping time around the lap.

The data showed that even though we had dropped the boost within the map for some reason the boost was maintaining a high level. Great for the driver but probably not sensible as the car was on super unleaded and Rich was unable to attend because of a family holiday. Some quick investigation revealed the external wastegate's manifold had developed a slight leak. This was designed and built in-house to pass the 2005 Tuner GP's strict noise limits and could probably do with modifying this year.

After a team discussion it was decided that the extra boost, Donnington's high speed straights and less the convincing brakes meant that the sensible thing to do was park the car up. Because we had recently preformed over 50 laps around the same circuit during 2005's Tuner GP we were able to compare roughly how we would have performed against the competition who were lapping in the 1:22-1:24mins


We intend to keep this website up to date with all our latest Race car news and development. We will shortly upload the cars full specification and details of some of the new parts about to be fitted before the first race next month.

Without doubt there are some seriously impressive machines in this fantastic new series. Our Subaru will share the track with a 1200bhp Skyline, 840bhp Short wheel base Evo and 520bhp 4wd Peugeot WRC 206 to name but a few. These cars represent the pinnacle of European tuning with blueprinted engines, sequential gearboxes and no expense spared to make them winners. Many of the rival companies taking part we have be dealing with for years and despite being highly competitive there was a really friendly atmosphere. I expect some serious banter to start soon...